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About Interact Hosting


Interact Hosting Pty Ltd was formed to provide hosted server products for Tasmanian business.  Our infrastructure is housed in Tasmania at the Aurora Energy data centre in Cambridge Park.  This means your data stays in Tasmania and is supported by Tasmanian staff.  Our close relationship with Inspired Computing Pty Ltd allows us to provide IT support and other IT services outside the hosting area.  Our network is based on Cisco switches and routers ensuring network connectivity of the highest standard. 

All data is backed up daily to NAS units stored in the data centre and transferred to a second site by wireless link for offsite backup.  The data centre is protected from power outages by a diesel generator, allowing us to operate for extended periods without mains power.

If uptime, data security, local support and expertise are required for your Tasmanian business,  Interact Hosting Pty Ltd is your solution.


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